Cleantower® Optisystem

The Cleantower  Optisystem (made in Germany) is a mobile, universally applicable rinsing device for the  automatic removal of rust, limescale and other deposits in water-bearing  systems. Restore the optimum efficiency of your cooling or heating systems. In many areas of  industry and trade you achieve interesting saving possibilities by saving  time-consuming repairs. At the same time,  you achieve optimized functions with improved performance and minimize  production downtimes and machine wear. Other benefits  include leak testing, hairline crack detection and system disinfection.

Made in Germany

Our products:

Cleantower® Optisystem 4500 + 4800

Basis Cleaning

The  Cleantower-Optisystem 4500 is a mobile, universally applicable rinsing device  for the automatic removal of rust, limescale and other deposits in  water-bearing systems. Restore the optimum efficiency of your cooling or  heating systems.The  Cleantower-Optisystem 4800 offers in addition the possibility of the storage  and documentation of the data of the cleaning process.

Cleantower® Optisystem 6000

Additional preservation by the Cleantower 30

In addition to the  functions of the Cleantower-Optisystem 4500, the Cleantower-Optisystem 6000  offers an additional possibility of preservation with our corrosion  protection Cleanpower 30 after the cleaning process.

Cleantower® Optisystem 7000

Conservation, Powerful Battery and Data Storage

In addition, the  Cleantower Optisystem 7000 can be operated with an AKKU and with air. The  AKKU running time is approx. 7-9 hours.Calibration of the  PH probe with documentation and storage on a stick of the expired processes.All data after  cleaning is stored on a stick and can therefore be assigned to the injection  moulding tool or the cleaned machine with your internal number as  documentation on your system as proof.  

Cleanpower® 10

High-performance descaler for cooling circuits

High-performancedescaler with special corrosion protection additives. Dissolves limescale, rustand other water deposits.

Cleanpower® 20

Neutralizerfor acid solutions

Cleantower 20 is a special product for adjusting the pH value of all aqueous systems, suchas water from industrial wastewater treatment plants. It neutralizes used Cleanpower 10 solutions after descaling or derusting.To the technical information

Cleanpower® 30

Complexing agents and corrosion protection

Cleantower Protect 30 is a specially developed product for water circuits to preventcorrosion and the formation of incrustations. It is characterised by its verygood complexing properties against calcium and magnesium ions with a very broad pH spectrum.To the technical information

Cleanpower® 40

High-performancedescaler for cooling circuits

Coming soon...

Cleanpower® 50

Neutralizerfor acid solutions

Cleantower 50 is a special cleaner for stubborn oil stains. It removes intensive combustion residues, oils, greases and oil incrustations in oil coolers,process coolers etc. To the technical information

Cleanpower® BAK

Coming soon

Coming soon


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